In 2017, Evin Einhardt transformed his passion into a business – WOW Factor Baseball Training and Development. WOW Factor Nation’s mission solely focuses on the training and preparing of players in hopes of creating opportunities to play baseball at the next level. His facility’s main focus can be found in the WOW Factor logo: Average, Power, Speed, Velocity, and Defense. Excelling in these 5 areas will give players the WOW Factor and ultimately grab the attention of college coaches and pro-scouts. Trainer Evin chose to focus on these 5 areas because it is the criteria in which players are graded when being scouted. 

When Evin envisioned WOW Factor Baseball /Nation, he never once saw trophies and banners on the wall. He saw college and professional commitments. WOW Factor Nation is ALL about the training and development of players, not about the number of games won. 

In 2019 WOW Factor Baseball turned into WOW Factor Nation, as Evin decided to take his brand and process Nationwide to help players/kids all over the country.